Brite Trace

A Software as a Service company providing a personalized service for people suffering with Dementia.

Brite Trace is focused on improving the emotional connection between caregivers and their loved ones. 

Although there is no current cure for Dementia, this does not mean we can't do whatever possible to make life easier for you and your family. Here at Brite Trace, we trace your loved one's past leading to brighter care in the future. 

Who We Help & How We Help Them

Professional Caregivers

Provide a personalized care strengthening their connection in a short period of time.

Family Caregivers

Leveraging researched supported educational resources to provide individualized caregiving tools.

Healthcare Facilities

Using new technology to help companies differentiate themselves from the competition.

Research Institutes

Gather unique data points and partner with institutes about unique data points about real time users.

Brite Trace Leadership

Brite Traces team has more than just passion driving us we also have compassion for the the families and people suffering from Dementia. We have all had moments in our life where we have dealt with the hardships of Dementia. Our personal experiences pushes us to help other families cope during their caregiving process. 

Danten Rice


Through the MBA Program, Danten and Nolan have been educated on the different levels of the start up space. Danten has started a motivational brand to give back to the future generation. Our team is established in accounting, finance, dementia care, and IT.

Nolan Carrico


Nolan has combined biology and product development experience to implement research-centered application design.

Jeff Beaty


Jeff Beaty has an EdD in health sciences and has been in the healthcare industry for 30+ years. He is a Qualified Dementia Care Specialist. 

Jonathan Brown


Jonathan has been an IT consultant and was named rookie consultant of the year.

Contact Us


900 E Main Street , Louisville, KY, 40206, USA