Empowering Dementia Caregivers

Brite Trace

Here at Brite Trace, we are focused on improving the emotional connection between caregivers and their loved ones.

We are a Software as a Service company providing a personalized service for people suffering with Dementia. Although there is no current cure for Dementia, this does not mean we can't do whatever possible to make life easier for you and your family. 

Dementia Care Challenges

Caregivers Face Significant Challenges

Being a caregiver is rarely an easy task. Significant challenges with care coordination, accessing caregiving information, and general mental health management are often the norm, with little to no support being offered to the caregivers taking on this selfless role.

Dementia Care Is Unpersonalized

The solutions provided are often unpersonalized or generalized strategies. Approaches such as these tend to lead to less than effective results, and leave the caregiver feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied with the efforts they give.

Our Solution

We believe that no caregiver should have to take on this commendable task alone. With Brite Trace Caregiving, Dementia care can become much more approachable and manageable. By keeping vital information organized and using it effectively, Brite Trace Caregiving helps you create strategies and solutions that work for your unique circumstances. 

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